0Lost River
0I Feel Fine
0A Friend In California
0Two Little Boys
0A Far Cry From You
0Got A Lot Of Heaven
0Grandfather's Clock
0Where The Old Red River Flows
0Oh Lonesome Me
0Gentle On My Mind
0In The Time That You Gave Me
0Midnight Rider
0Wild Mountain Honey
0Timeless and True Love
0Gunfighters Lament
0Katy Hill
0Casualties Along the Way
0Just as Long (As You Love Me)
0Dance With Me
0On the Sea of Life
0Gold Watch and Chain
0Hot Corn Cold Corn
0Until Then
0All Prayed Up
0Help Me
0Livin' in The Name
0Winging My Way
0Give the Devil an Inch
0Until Then
0On the Sea of Life
0Redeemed are Coming Home
0Angels Rejoiced
0In His Hands
0Gonna be Movin'
0She's No Angel
0Poison Love
0It'll Be Her
0Sweet Georgia Brown
0Good Ole You Know Who
0Garden In My Life (Harmony Vocal by Alison Krauss)
0Good Morning Country Rain
0Gonna Be Moving
0Ain't The Kind of Woman
0Children Are Crying
0Winging My Way
0Reuben's Train
0If I Could Only Have Your Love
0Chinese Breakdown
1'Till The End Of The World Goes Round
2Fightin' Side Of Me
3Tennessee Border
4The Angels Rejoiced
5Tall Corn Stalks
6Gold Rush
7Highway of Sorrow
8Make The World Go Away
9The Redeemed Are Coming Home
10Carolina In The Pines
11Backing to Birmingham
12Casualties Along The Way
13Double Banjo Blues
1I Might Take You Back Again
2Right Before My Eyes
3Just One Time
4Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good
5Someone To Look Up To
7You're The One I'm Dreaming Of
8All Out Of Love
9Sugar Coated Love
10Last Thing On My Mind
11Right Hand Of Fellowship
12Love's Gonna Live Here Again
13Sheltered in The Arms of God
14The Auctioneer